Learning Curve

Little Miss Pepper is on a vertical learning curve.

Although, utterly perfect, she has to learn what is acceptable and what is not.

I enjoy our daily walk in our fields  and I hope she does too.

I encourage Pepper to “look for the mousies” as hunting is part of her genetic make-up.

Although, we probably don’t have the kind of hunting she would like (foxes, badgers, rats. etc…)

When in doubt, Pepper sits down. I think she just met a frog!

But everything has to be investigated.

And off we race because a rabbit strolled past and went home, totally unaware of the small chasing thing behind it!

So Pepper sat down again to consider her options.

And I called her back to me with the help of a pocketful of Dreamies (small cheesey cat treats).

Pepper has a good leap on her.

But this can end up in a splat!

But, “never say never” is Pepper’s motto and she picks herself up and off she goes again.

A darling little girl who listens to her own voices, as my previous and much loved neighbour would’ve commented.

On the way home, Pepper talked to ‘Ster and then chased ‘Bert. We had words and I told her to “go home”.

So she did.

We don’t approve of the sheep chasing, even though they are my sheep. To be fair, Pepper did listen……. eventually.  So much learning to do.

5 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. Sam

    Someone might need a High Viz vest soon! Love she exploring all about, even if she annoys the sheep.
    The last two pictures are wonderful! Look like more cards…(hint, hint)

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your pics again today Frances. That Pepper is sure a cutie. Adorable pictures and wonderful dialogue to go with them. That last pic is a beaut of the Monster too!


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