The Morning after the Night Before

Everyone is very tired.  It was a long noisy night and of course I lay in bed worrying.

I wasn’t surprised to see lots of sleeping going on today.

As the wind slowly died down, all our animals were recuperating.  I left them all to it.  It is only fair.

Lilja, Hetja and Sóley were miles away in their correct field (phew!)  Sóley was hopping and skipping about so all is well there too.  The sheeple stayed around the house. They didn’t want to be in a field so I didn’t force them.

You can see the relief that it is all over.   Even the hens were enjoying their freedom.  They had been shed-bound yesterday.

I went over to check on the Minions and Brá – all very relaxed and had found shelter in their respective fields.

En route, I met this little chap trundling along the side of the road.  As you know, I do love a hedgepig.

He is not very big, so probably one of this year’s babies.

I made a quick detour to my local beach. Always good for spectacular waves.

So that’s us. All safe and well after the storm.  Everything looks a bit burnt and frayed around the edges now.

We had one casualty –  a concreted-in garden gate post that was pulled from its moorings by the wind and now lives in the middle of the lawn!



6 thoughts on “The Morning after the Night Before

  1. Mary Domito

    Must’ve been some kind of wind!
    Glad all your beauties are safe and sound.

    Sending best wishes from Taos, NM

  2. Cathy

    Thank goodness everyone is safe and well. Your horses do look a bit hungover, but a broken fence post is not the end of the world and they look very happy dozing quietly.


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