Painting the Forth Bridge

“”Painting the Forth Bridge” is a colloquial expression for a never-ending task, coined on the erroneous belief that at one time in the history of the (Edinburgh) bridge repainting was required and commenced immediately upon completion of the previous repaint.”Wikipedia

Well, that’s how I feel about rasping small pony hooves.  It never ends. It never will end and I can’t leave it for any length of time as it always needs doing.  The Forth Bridge or Shetland pony hooves.

Today, I rasped the teensy-tinesy hooves of Newt (who was superb – he really has turned a corner about this).  What a guy!

Albie – who was moderately helpful.

Tiddles – who got a smacked bottom for stiff legs, refusing to help and generally being uncooperative.  I am sorry (I am not) but we had words. I won.  He gave up being a tit and his reward at the end was a very small bit of carrot which I grudgingly gave him.

And then, lastly, feeling very weak by now, Vitamin, who was ooooooookaaaaaaay.  Not brilliant, but not awful.

I ran out of steam after that but I know who is left to do.  I have a farrier coming on Thursday to check I am keeping on top of their hooves and doing it right.

Tomorrow, I will do battle with Silver….

Fivla and Storm

And Waffle – but I may have to go over and get him.  Today was an Alone Day (large black dot/lump in distance).

Althought blowy, it was nice to spend time with my Shetlands.  As I write this, my Painpod is on full revs and boost.  An essential piece of kit for this never-ending job – my very own Forth Bridge.

3 thoughts on “Painting the Forth Bridge

  1. Sam

    Hooves like housework is never done. Or in my case, combing the 2 Maine Coon cats so the vaccum cleaner won’t get clogged. Sorry Tiddles was a twit.

  2. Carol

    It’s literally true of the Golden Gate Bridge: they paint the whole thing, end to end, all year long. Great job security. I hope your back doesn’t complain too much.


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