Storm Force 12

The weather has disintegrated all day.  It started with torrential rain and now we are heading towards a Force 8 gusting 12.

Hey ho. That’s the way it is up here this time of year.  The Equinox gales have arrived but just a bit early.  Hatches have been battened down, haybags for sheeple filled and we have a supply of hen and sheep feed in the house so we won’t have to struggle with any feed-shed doors in this wind.  As it will all get a bit violent and dangerous outside, we plan ahead while keeping everything that needs to be done outside to the absolute minimum.

There is shelter in the fields and the horses are not stupid (please not today, Sóley, and do whatever your mother tells you.  She knows best.)  The clever boys are situated on the other side of the already flooding burn where there is no wind.

So today was an inside sort of day and once chores were done, I decided to plan and set up my latest stop-motion film.  Lambie arrived.

And Her Maj.

Lambie wanted shelter from the rain, happy to leave his two friends outside – they swiftly went back to bed next door.

Lambie was a bit wierd about my wellies.

At least he didn’t have an argument with them like the office chair. The other day, Lambie decided to spend ages telling off (butting) my chair while getting crosser as it spun round, annoying him further.

Then Lambie asked to go out and then stood outside asking to come back in.  He dithered there for a bit so I shut the door and he rammed it. We went on like that for a while.

I am looking forward to getting to grips with my new film with or without my idiot sheep.

5 thoughts on “Storm Force 12

  1. Highmac

    Down in the East Midlands we had a beautiful sunny day, around 23C. BBC now shows us Shetland on the main map and it was indicating 12C where you are. As the crow flies, we are 560 miles directly south – hardly a great distance !!.

    Hope your stormy weather soon passes through.


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