So Tired

I know it seems that I actually never do anything, but I came home from the Lerwick Shetland pony sales feeling weary.


After the Sales, I had a one hour riding lesson in the evening on Klængur with Hamish Cameron.  Klæengur was brilliant and the pair of us concentrated for an hour doing lateral work, including travers (so proud, we were bloody brilliant) and shoulder in, which we were even more bloody brilliant.

Of course no photos so you will never no just how bloody brilliant we were.  So you know, we were beyond fabularse!

Anyway, today, I am exhausted. I woke with the mother of all migraines and many pills later felt I could face the world. As it was a day of shite, I had a day off from the horses and pottered about trying not to think “ouch my back”.


Because it rained all day, I felt sorry for the starlings and plopped some food on the bird table, sat back to see the fight.

BN2A8802 BN2A8814 BN2A8847 BN2A8849    BN2A8802 BN2A8814 BN2A8847 BN2A8849

My reward for abstinence from purchasing small furries and because I needed cheering up, there was the most gorgeous sunset.


Hopefully tomorrow I will be more active.  I need to rest after days out like that.

I do still luff that little ginger-nut colt………

4 thoughts on “So Tired

  1. John Davies

    I always heard we got our starlings from Britain but your birds seem to be much more brightly spotted than ours are!

  2. Linda Addison

    Sadly our starlings have disappeared (in the south of England). We used to have dozens, nesting in the eaves and in the chimney – haven’t seen any for years now.


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