The Luscious Alex

This is the luscious Alex – a 7 year old mushroom coloured miniature Shetland pony stallion who is gorgeous as well as a gentleman.  He is 32″ or 81cm.

I spent yesterday afternoon gazing in awe at him.


Alex has the most amazing long mane which he likes to throw about all day.


But what a mane.  Wow.


Best of all, Alex is a dude. He likes everyone.

BN2A7906 BN2A7947

If only all Shetland ponies were this ridiculously good-looking!


(and this year, he has been running with the “fairy tale” mares.  I can’t wait to meet the bebbies next year!)


4 thoughts on “The Luscious Alex

  1. Linda

    Look at that glorious mane! I don’t blame him for throwing it around. And yes, I can only imagine how beautiful the bebbies would be with Alex as the dad and a fairy pony as the mom!


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