Nice to be Out and About

Sometimes it is good to hear “Are you doing anything today?” and off I set off with my camera happy to go new places and meet Shetland ponies

As it is now late in the evening, I won’t waffle on forever but let you enjoy the photos from today of some lovely Shetland ponies.

These first two are of the “fairy tale” mares.  Beautiful girls to work with and be around.

BN2A7799 BN2A7811

Then off to the Stallion/Colt field where a herd of jokers lived all jockeying for the top job.  This is Waffle’s Sire and all I can hope is that The Waff is a late maturer because, at the moment, he bears absolutely no resemblance at all to his Dad!


A bit of a San Francisco moment for a miniature stallion.


Grand National anyone?


The very essence of beauty.


I love stallions. They are so comical and very expressive.


They never stop talking to each other.  Glass half full type of chaps.  Every one of them.


Endless hours of endless entertainment being endlessly annoying!


Night, night x

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