Hjalti’s First Summer

My little boy is growing up fast.


I haven’t seen Hjalti for a while (the one car situation) but he remains utterly gorgeous.


His Mummy, Hetja, still won’t let him talk to the other mare and her colt foal – not yet, though apparently they came close this morning.  You can’t force these things and who can blame Hetja for wanting to keep Hjalti around her at all times.


Anyway, he doesn’t want to stray too far from the bar!


Hjalti is an inquisitive chap, mostly about people and their terrier and I was given a perfunctory snuffle, while BeAnne quickly retreated to safety…..


….. before he went back to the serious task of eating (I may be in love with his very hairy little chin now).


But then again, he has to-die-for eyes.


And a lovely smile!


I think we could say that Hetja is doing very well and has not lost even a smidgeon of her pregnancy weight.


She looks more pregnant now than before she gave birth!


It was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon sitting in the field watching Hetja and Hjalti together.

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