The Little Ponies

The Minions are living in their summer camp now. They are about 7 miles away but it is a nice drive through the Shetland hill and we visit them daily.

When we go, we always have a chat.

Newt and Albie are very happy with their new friends and Vitamin is much better about their existence, which is good.  I was so worried last winter when she made it her business to hate them and make their lives so miserable they couldn’t be with the other Shetland ponies (Minions).

Anyway, now Newt has made himself Vitamin’s second in command.  Obviously she defers to him about everything and sees him as a huge help in her attempt to keep the herd under control.

Newt is one of those ponies – he may be small (in fact the smallest) but he works hard on his relationships.  Sadly, it was Albie that Vitamin hated.

Newt finds it easy to be one of the boys.

Albie has always struggled as he was orphaned as a foal so had to rely on a different upbringing, despite our best efforts to make things right.  Now he is settled and happy and that’s all I want for him.  At last, he is accepted by the Minions.

5 thoughts on “The Little Ponies

  1. Sam

    Glad that Albie has found his place. Newt and his “overly large Book of Revenge” still makes me laugh.
    Do any of the houses on the hill come down to visit the Minions?

    1. Frances Post author

      Visitors without me present are not encouraged, though kind folk do keep an eye.

      Newt’s Book of Revenge is looking fairly good at the moment. He is happy and settled and Albie, his bestie, is happy too so he has forgiven and hopefully forgotten!


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