Boyzens Getting Ready

I spent the morning rounding up the Boyzenberries.  They are going to be sheared tomorrow.

The boyzens are all desperate to lose their fleeces and some days I feel sorry for them while they struggle in the heat, and it’s not even very hot here.

Even Lambie wants his fleece gone.

I have finally got them all in one field (one they can’t escape from) where they will stay until tomorrow when I will attempt to herd them into a stable for the shearers.

They sit around like the seals on rocks just getting through the day.

It will be very interesting to see what Puzzah looks like without his fleece.

I will also get any mis-directed horns trimmed, feet looked at and give them all a drench.

Really a fully sheeple MOT and service.

Tomorrow’s going to be fun, then!

9 thoughts on “Boyzens Getting Ready

  1. Sam

    Poor hot Sheeples! A good clip, a dip and a trim will makes things better. But a tasty carrot will help too.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Oh, my…………a busy but necessary time for all. Can’t imagine how uncomfortable those big coats must be. You all will be exhausted when it’s done! MMR

  3. diane in northern wis

    Can’t wait to see the pics from tomorrow. What a bunch of hot looking sheep! They will be thrilled at the difference, I’m sure, after tomorrow. Do you think they know that something’s up? They’re all so cute…especially Lambie!!!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Yes it looks like you will be in for a fun day – hope they all behave themselves. They are going to feel great afterwards though – all fresh and light. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing newly sheared boys.


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