Off to the Vet

We have given Taktur another orange field companion.  We hope he doesn’t notice the difference.  Today Kappi went on his travels.

We went to see the vet.  Kappi (Taktur’s original field companion) plus Waffle (now Kappi’s official travel companion) had the last of their injections before we trek off next week to Scotland for the British Championships.

The mountains came to Mohammed, so to speak. It works out cheaper.

Waffle took it all in.  He loves travelling – seeing new places, meeting new people.

After the injection, carrots were forthcoming.

We try to come equipped.

Home again, home again.  Waffle went happily back to his field.

The others were obviously concerned and missed their friend.

He definitely missed them and had lots to tell them.

So that’s the jags taken care of.

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