The Lights of Lerwick

Flute lesson day and then on to Lerwick to do the last of our Christmas messages.

There were some beautifully Christmas decorated windows.

This is the Shetland Times Bookshop.  Excellent (ps – they sell two of my postcard books – they were published a few years back but I am still proud of them).

Just sayin’.

Shetland ponies are …..

The book is based on this film.

Flowers from Shetland

Then onto Jamieson’s Knitwear.  I love the wool ball Christmas tree.  Very clever.

As usual, there was the Christmas tree at the Market Cross.  The tree (plus another for Scalloway) are gifted, I think, to Shetland as a gesture of goodwill from Norway to commemorate the Shetland Bus – “a Shetland based boat operation to and from Norway, that took place during the Second World War (1939 – 1945).

The Shetland Bus, by the way, is an incredible part of Shetland’s history.

Father Christmas is called Santie or Santy here (in our house, I am sorry but he is Father Christmas and always will be). So, here he is playing a guitar at High Level Music.

Charity shop are hugely popular in Shetland and do very well.  We are huge fans and many a-bargain is found.  This is the Red Cross and we always pop in to have a quick rifle through.

Living Lerwick’s ran a competition for the best town centre Christmas window display.

And this is the winner!   NinianNinian showcase exciting collections of Shetland knitwear designed by Joanna Hunter

It was nice wandering down the street, seeing friends and stopping for a quick natter.

That is the way it is here.  You always see someone you know.

And then we all wended our way home.  The full moon was looking glorious.

9 thoughts on “The Lights of Lerwick

  1. Trish

    I think this is one of my favourite blogs ……just loved looking in all those shop windows with you. As for that full moon…….wow!

  2. Terri

    Thank you for this tour of festive Lerwick, very enjoyable! And I love the Shetland pony video. Your PR work on behalf of Shetland deserves kudos. One can see how much you love living there. Thanks too for the Advent Calendar — a treat each day!

  3. Beth Heath

    This is my favorite blog, too. I love reading about, and seeing, the ponies and the people and the beautiful land. Thank you!

  4. Kris

    Nice to see the shops with something besides the typically machine-made decorations that are all too common here in the US.

    Y’know, when I saw that last pic of the moon and your comment, it made me feel much closer to Shetland.
    It’s all too easy to forget that the same moon I was admiring earlier this evening (as I dragged the garbage cans from the curb) is seen around the Earth by billions of people, many enjoying it’s majesty.

    Brings home the idea that we are all one people, one world.


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