Dessine-moi un mouton!

It is blowing a gale here.  Quite vile.

Floss and I checked the herd over in Sandness.

All was well.

Carrots were dished out.


One each.

This is the look of one very determined Shetland pony on her carrot allocation mission.

“So, where is it?”

Silver always says thank you very much.  He has perfect manners.

One carrot down, leaving now!

And so this afternoon, because of the revolting weather and because no one wanted to ride or do anything much, we made biscuits!

Little Prince biscuits, to be precise.

I was given a wonderul Little Prince Cookie Cutter set.

This was our first attempt and there was a bit of experimentation.

To chocolate or not to chocolate

Brilliant and delicious!  Obviously, in the name of science, we had to test each batch.  For science, mind!

This is the end result, minus some for testing!

The Little Prince is one of my most favourite books as well as the illustrations. The sheep is the best, and I am always reminded of my little Boyzenberries.

The quote “you become responsible forever for what you have tamed” is my mantra.

Nummy biccies too.  They won’t last long.


7 thoughts on “Dessine-moi un mouton!

  1. Darby

    another lovely and heartwarming post. I feel just a little better about the world knowing that things like Little Prince cookie cutters actually exist.

  2. Nancy

    Mmmm, your house must smell so delicious!
    I love the smell of freshly baked cookies!
    The Little Prince cookies are so cuuuuuutttteeee!!

  3. Louise Stopford

    Just discovered your wonderful blog (courtesy of Bev from Bee Haven Acres). Always had an interest in The Shetland Islands so I am looking forward to reading your previous posts to get an insight into your life there. The ponies are absolutely gorgeous (and the sheep). Your photography, from what I have seen, is stunning. Looks like I have got some interesting reading to do – thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Louise

  4. Linda

    Absolutely perfect mantra, Frances.

    And I keep forgetting to Thank You for the Advent Calendar – it leaves me with a smile every day!


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