The Last Ride

Preparations started with Lambie having his daily TurmerAid (turmeric pellets).

Then Haakon had some as well.  Old age and not being ridden has made him stiffen up quite noticeably (I worry).

Next I gathered the troups together.

And we were ready for the off.  The straggler, aka Lambie, quickly went off into the hill.  He came home later on in the afternoon when it started raining.

Meanwhile, Daisy was riding Kappi and Flossie was on Iacs. They brought up the rear, slowly catching us up.

It wasn’t long before us foot-soldiers were overtaken.

But we marched on.

Daisy and Flossie vanished into the distance.

Haakon could see them in the distance.

He kept shouting at them which is very rare.  I can probably count on one hand how many times in over 20 years Haakon has ever neighed.

Finally, the riders were on their way home.

And again, we met up and were swiftly overtaken.

This is Floss’ last ride for a while – she is off to distant shores for a few months.  We will all miss her hugely (mostly me – she has become the cook of the household, which was brilliant while it lasted).

Safe travels, Flossie.   Remember home – that is what this blog is for.

10 thoughts on “The Last Ride

  1. Sam

    Safe travels to Flossie! Hope she has fun and learns new things on her journey off-island. Happy to see you still walking with your entourage.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Good luck and safe travels, Flossie – we’ll miss you on this blog! I hope you have an enjoyable time and lots of exciting experiences. Frances, I can imagine how much you’ll miss Flossie’s support and hard work – take care of yourself!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Where is Ms. Flossie headed? Poor Frances and family – no chef to prepare those excellent meals. Perhaps Floss will realize her mistake and head home early.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for sharing the last ride with us, Frances. I wish Flossie all the best for the next months and hopefully she will always remember where HOME is! Love your girls! Thanks for a great blog!

  5. Louise Stopford

    What an exciting time for Flossie. I bet you will all miss her – your girls are a lovely part of your blog. Perhaps you will keep us informed how she is going on in China. She will have a marvellous experience and then she can return home to beautiful Shetland and it will be so nice to have her home and share her adventures. Have a wonderful time Flossie. Hope you back is feeling better Frances. Perhaps you will be able to go for a ride on Haakon soon. Best wishes to you all.

  6. Terri

    All the best to Flossie, as she returns to China! Always hard to see our offspring launch, but we raise them to find their own way in the world, right? (**sniff, boohoohoo, sniff**)


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