Mons-Tur-Briska-Fil has been put on a diet.

Since arriving, he has become fatter and fatter because he nags until someone feeds him.  He now resembles a turkey stuffed with beef brisket stuffed with gefilte fish.

Hence his Sunday name – Mons-Tur-Briska-Fil.

The boy has chins, crevices and creases.  It is not right.

It is our fault – we reinforced his behaviour by feeding him to shut him up.

We have done Monsturbriskafil no favours and so he has just become obese.

Worst of all, he is not able to reach the important parts that need to be kept clean.

So the diet is on. We have to stay firm.

We are saying no to the carbs, on his behalf.  I read on t’net he can have two to four mouse sized protein lumps.  Today it is raw beef mince.

I am doing this because I can barely pick him up!

10 thoughts on “Mons-Tur-Briska-Fil

  1. Sam

    One of the world’s hardest tasks to get a cat to lose weight. My vet called it “recreational grazing”.
    Trying making him chase a string before he eats. Like he is hunting. As for the vocalizing – some cats are just very chatty.

  2. Terri

    Just a thought, but he might be supplementing his diet with two to four actual mice in your fields (the Great White Hunter). In any case, he sure looks happy!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Poor Monster. What a beautiful kitty. Hope he gets in shape fast so he doesn’t decide he needs to find another place to live!

  4. Louise Stopford

    What lovely shots of Monster. I would have thought he would have used up lots of energy running around your fields. As well as being fed at home (on demand) he is probably catching a few mice or perhaps visiting the nearest neighbour for pudding – cats are fickle like that. He is gorgeous though and he looks SO very happy.

  5. annie vanderven

    we both have pleasantly plump pets, but vets dont see this with the same attitude!!! Monster looks deliciously squeezable so is my Sophie AKA Lady porky poo she is a Havanese who should weight 16 lbs ands is 20… So you and I will have to put on steel corsets and reverse course ignoring all the pitiful pleas from our companions…. Good luck I shall think of you on this journey of becoming a stern master!!!


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