The Impossible Four

I was involved in a bijoux collision a few days ago and it has not done me any good (1/2 a tonne of horse + my back = pain).  None of my horses were involved.

Feeling a bit owie and bruised now, I don’t feel much like riding so I drove over to see how the lads were getting on in their ginormous field.


They came straight over to tell me about all their hardships, like not being able to touch the fence that ran between them and their neighbours.  I ignored this.  And now we have a spare battery, I can ignore this even more (mwhahahaha!)


Instead, they looked me square in the eyes and “tested” the other fence to see what I did – nothing.


I hadn’t brought BeAnne with me so didn’t even have my secret weapon to keep them off the fences and they knew this.


Hammy is fine.  Fat and fine.


Indy is ever the gentleman. He has struck up an unlikely friendship with Charlie.  Most odd.


Andy is ignoring Indy.


Charlie is mad, as usual.

BN2A8005   BN2A8008 BN2A8016

and his bum is bigger than Hammy’s!


So that is my little boy band, happy enough in their ginormous field, eating their hearts out and ignoring the weather completely.  This is how it should be.  You throw them in a field and you leave them there to be horses (or ponies) – with food, water and equine company.


I think I am being optimistic that they might lose some weight over the winter.



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