Jo brought Fákur frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði over this morning.    We were doing a swap.


Everyone was queuing up to meet and greet.


Introductions and re-acquaintainces were made.


Some showing-off too (look, look, look at me, I’m a stallion, me!)


So Jo, with her expert stallion-handling skills, took charge and we arranged the horses where we wanted them.


Three in the field while Taktur had his daily food and Klængur into the trailer to go away with Jo. He will be better off there and she will try and get to the bottom of his lameness (probably literally as she is a registered farrier).  She also has a stable he can go into at night.


Taktur was very taken with Fákur who has always been a bit of a stallion magnet.  Previous stallions make a bee-line for him.  He gets very embarrassed.

BN2A8052 BN2A8055

I think it is because he has such an alluring face….BN2A8048    

…. and does a very passable Lady Di impression!


Haakon and Fákur are old friends.  They go way back.


The girlie squeals have died down now.  Taktur and Fákur will have to sort out their relationship and I expect it will dawn on Taktur soon that Fákur is not the girl he is waiting for.


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