Master Loki Update

Loki has learned some new skills – to wag his tail and to play.


His favourite toy is “Roadkill Squirrel” – yes, it really is called that (and from the same shop, allow me introduce to you Roadkill Hedgehog and Roadkill Rat, all complete with tyre marks).  Loki has two – an old much-loved one, plus a new one for Christmas.  The best toy ever.


And so, with the help of this squirrel, Loki has learned to play and it has changed him and the way he thinks.   He has become a proper dog.

Loki is getting better around other dogs – more tolerant and his fuse is not so short.  This is all good.  BeAnne has also had to learn not to snap or give him the bad look.  She did not help the situation at all.  We have had words.


I can now take them both for a walk off the lead and Loki listens and makes a huge effort to always do the right thing.  He comes galloping back when you call him.

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I am very proud of Loki.  He has made a huge effort these past few months to become part of our family.  His manners are greatly improved and he smiles, is pleased to see folk and wags his tail appreciatively.  No longer the dead eyes that take everything in thinking the worst.  He has boundless enthusiasm for life.


I am going to order the Roadkill Squirrels in bulk, I think!


2 thoughts on “Master Loki Update

  1. Michelle

    Interesting that it takes some dogs so much longer to learn to trust and love than it does for others. Probably differences in temperament as well as past (bad) experiences. So glad you got Loki and gave him a life!


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