The Hunting Home

I wrote this blog over two years ago –

I remember being upset and furious at being refused the chance to rescue a lurcher because I said that I would let any lurcher chase rabbits on my property.  We were labelled “a Hunting Home” and refused any dog.

So, via a different route, we rescued Loki – he had been found wandering the streets of Elgin and was unclaimed from the pound.


We have come a long way in those two years.  Loki is a different dog now. He has curbed his temper, learned to play, wag his tail and transformed himself into an invaluable member of the family.


While I was feeding Taktur this afternoon, just before our dog walk, Loki appeared with a large rabbit he had just caught.


So, as “a Hunting Home”, I told him well done and we were now going on our dog walk.

Bunny came too.  There and back.


We walked along the single-track road on an old route, as my back is giving me alarming twinges at the moment.


Loki shone with pride and happiness at his latest achievement.  His whole life has changed these past two years and he enjoys being a dog with a purpose rather than a dog not allowed to do what he was bred for.


When we got home, OH too had returned  from work, so Loki said hello, then raced off into the garden to bring bunny in and laid it OH’s feet!

Guess what’s for supper tonight?













9 thoughts on “The Hunting Home

  1. Bigears

    I think it is different if it were hare coursing, in which case I would really really be unhappy as I like hares, ideally I would prefer mine not to hunt and bring stuff in, but I am sure you will make a nice rabbit pie!

    And Loki should be congratulated on doing what he was bred to do.

    1. Michael

      It makes me unhappy that some people are so ignorant, whats the difference between a rabbit and a hare they are both meat! I congratulate the blogger for allowing his dog to do what it is supposed to in a controlled manner whether it is hares or rabbits (apart from the silly law there is no difference apart from opinion).

  2. Rebecca Final

    A friend had an Australian Shepherd puppy returned to her “because” the buyer said “she’s chasing the neighbor’s cattle” No kidding!!! These dogs are bred to do certain tasks. Not allowing it, or not being prepared for it is simply unkind. Horray for Loki. Good dog.

  3. jan

    It saddens me that someone put a label on you for wanting to let dogs do what they are bred to do. You do so much for the animals in your part of the world, Perhaps they have nothing better to do. ( rant over).

  4. Terri

    I love bunnies, but I love Loki too. He’s just doing what comes naturally. He’s a lucky lad to have found a home with you and OH.

  5. Carina Olsson

    This post made me smile. I also have a rescue and it is the most wonderful thing to see her become the dog that she was always ment to be. She also runs after rabbits but on the rare occasion that she catches up with them she doesn´t know what to do so she just stops. Which suits me just fine, I wouldnt know what to do if she caught one. But I will fight for her right to chase them anytime I have to. If a fox were chasing them noone would object but a dog can´t. Why? Thats just silly. Lucky Loki that things turned out the way they did, the difference betwEen the two photos speaks volumes, surely it was ment to be. I have to apologize for the spelling, I´m writing från Sweden so English is only my second language and I just don´t have the patience for spellingcheck today. I hope my meaning gets through anyway. I just want to say: I do enjoy your blog immensely, Beautiful photos, scenery and horses. And there is something about your sense of humor and your obvious love for nature and beasts that really gives me new hope for mankind and brightens my day, so thank you! I will be back.

    1. Cathy

      Love that post from Carina Olsson! It says everything I wanted to say, and English is her second language. I love Loki too and am so pleased he has learned to trust and enjoy being a dog.

  6. Sam

    Dogs were and are bred to perform jobs – herding, retrieving and hunting. Silly dogs are bred to be arm ornaments. Thanks for letting Loki BE A DOG.


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