Dogs’ Own Country

I have written the blog at least twice today.  I don’t know what to write.  I miss Celt.  I applied for a Whirrier (whippet/terrier) I found on a UK website and they said No because of the R word – Rabbits. I wrote that there are plenty of rabbits to chase stupidly thinking this is what every dog would love. Apparently not.  This makes you into a “hunting” home which is bad.  But there are bunnies everywhere.  It would be more wrong to stop the dogs.  Cruel, even.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 16.56.13

Also I said I do not vaccinate and we have rats in Shetland apparently. Yes, we have the odd rat – about one every 10 years – but not like rats in mainland UK.  I am gutted.  This was my perfect dog. I spend the wee small hours looking for the one I want and I thought I had found him.

Personally I do not vaccinate because my dogs do not go anywhere, they do not meet other dogs apart from those that visit and have never ever caught anything. The only time I vaccinated BeAnne for her potential Toto audition, she was horribly ill and miserable and it did her immune system no good at all so I decided her stage debut could wait.

They asked for references and I sent them two – one from my vet who knows us well for all the right reasons.  He walks his dogs here.  But apparently this is not enough.


Dogs want more than this….  apparently.



I realise I probably wrote the wrong things in my enthusiasm on the application and and with that we are out, no questions, no listening, no discussion.  I so wanted to give this little dog the perfect home.  He would’ve been happy with 50 fenced acres to play in and access to so much, much more.


If it is not meant to be, then it isn’t.  Even OH phoned to try and talk to them but *** sigh ***.


I am gutted.  I miss Celt more than words can say.  I see his shadow everywhere. I still wait for him.  He left us not because I did not vaccinate him, not because he ran after rabbits, but because he was 16yo and his body gave out, not his heart.  Why do they have to be so judgemental?

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 16.54.57

I may have had a drink.

6 thoughts on “Dogs’ Own Country

  1. David

    The bloody swine!!! Mum and I had put good money on you getting him. What a nonsensicle reason for saying No. Never heard the like in my life. I am SOOOOOO sorry.Is that really final? or can you nag a bit.
    Have they seen any of your dog blogs. You are so obviously the ideal home.

  2. Karen

    Hugs xxx I feel your hurt…I badly miss my lab and she died 18 months ago after many years with us from a puppy.

  3. Kevin Serginson

    We had the same carry on with GAD trying to rehome a greyhound. We’ve had 4 rescued longdogs over the years. In the end we got a lovely saluki whippet cross, Earl, when we were back home from an unwanted litter. I know they need to ‘vet’ where dogs go but it seems totally OTT to me… Friends had the same issue and just lied…

  4. bigears

    no idea why they said no, dogs would think they have gone to heaven.

    I did a home check recently for a rehoming rescue service and they turned the lady down, even though I said it was a perfect home. I refused to do any more for them as why waste my time.

    She got one from another charity.

    I used to do home checks for Cats Protection and it was difficult at times to say no to lovely people who just happened to live in the wrong place, nasty estate, busy road, etc. But we had often spent £00s neutering vaccinating etc and we were quite picky about where they went.

    I can’t see any reason why you would be turned down. Cats chase and catch rabbits, a lurcher will – are you expected to muzzle and keep on a lead at all times?

  5. linda

    Lovely post Frances my sister in-law rescues dogs and has a friend near her tow who dose in Buckie on the main land if you like dm and I will give you her home address and contact number she might be able to help you out have a lovely week from Linda


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