Easy Way Out

I am exhausted.

I have had a long day – riding, photographing, stuff, walking miles because I have no car, etc….

So here is the easy way out.  Some photographs I took today of beautiful Shetland pony mares and their itty-bitty foals.  I won’t rattle on as I have not got much to say.  I am too tired.


The ponies were enchanting.  Their change of coats makes them look peculiar – neither woolly nor sleek but always beautiful in their own lovely way.

BN2A6271 BN2A6761BN2A6275 BN2A6280

And if anyone says to you Shetland ponies can’t move, then please repy “you should see this post”.




Perfection, elevation and such grace.  Like mini dressage horses.

BN2A6593 BN2A6627 BN2A6637       BN2A6711

It was a hot day by Shetland standards, so BeAnne, who had been helping to get the foals trotting, took herself off for a little swim to cool down.


I am going to bed now.  It was a lovely day, if exhausting for me and my back is aching.


(I guess I secretly miss my Shetland pony foals)


3 thoughts on “Easy Way Out

  1. Linda

    THANK YOU for posting even though you’re so tired (and I’m not surprised with all the stuff you were doing)
    The ponies are gorgeous, fluffy or not, and always look so beautiful when they’re running.
    P.S, Smart BeAnn, going for a swim!


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