The Hay Test

My neighbour who has horses, asked me if we wanted some hay she had recently bought.  Her horses hated it so would we be interested.  Daisy and I went over, saw the hay and we took a bit to test out on our lot before I said yes please or no thank you.

When I got home, everyone was fast a-bye-byes.  All except Iacs – he was keeping guard.

(I love that Efstur is flat out snoring).

Efstur immediately woke up and had to come and say hello, even with his bed hair.

Others were less keen on moving.

So I distributed the hay to see if anyone liked it.

They choked it down enthusiastically.

I made sure each horse had a little bit.

Efstur (to Kappi):  Do you like hay?
Kappi (with his mouth full):  yesh!

Efstur:  Can I have some?
Kappi:  No!

Efstur:  But we could share….
Kappi:  Seriously?  Young man, you must be joking.  I never joke about food like I never share.

Efstur (wheedling now):  But we could
Kappi:  But we could not!  End of discussion.

Efstur:  I shall keep trying
Kappi:  You do that!

So everyone was very happy with the hay.

The youngsters made it their mission to annoy Kappi.

He eventually gave in and let them help themselves.

I think he realised he was rather outnumbered.

So I bought the hay and we brought it home this evening.  It will be useful if we have to stable anyone before January, when we open the big bales.

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