Being Followed

Off to see the Minions and Lilja in their field.  You can easily tell which one is Lilja.

Lilja is the most friendly of horses.  She always comes over.

A very pretty young lady.  I can see a huge amount of Taktur in her.  She has his head and laid-back temperament.

The others gave me a cursory glance – enough for a carrot to be chucked at them and gratefully received but not enough to be followed.

Meanwhile, Lilja told her “step-mother” Fivla that she was going to go along with me for a while.

And then she followed me as I walked back through a big field to the car.

We had a few grandmother’s footstep moments.  I would turn, she would stop walking.

I used the opportunity to take photos.

Lilja is such a pretty girl.

And then I would walk on.  Lilja didn’t mind leaving the rest of the herd to be with me.

I still find it odd seeing her all growed up.

She was such a little squirt and now she is a beautiful young lady.

Lilja diligently followed me to the fence.

I had nothing for her so I said my goodbyes while she tried the gate.

Lilja has a great future ahead of her.

Just keep walking and she will follow!


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