The Handsome Prince & His Laydee-Girls

I went to see Handsome Prince Taktur who is now coming to the end of his sojourn with his Lady-Girls.  They live in the field over the hill away from the male herd.

This summer Hetja and Brá haven’t been that nice to Taktur, ganging up on him and telling him they have a headache, that has mysteriously lasted for six weeks.

I think Taktur will be very pleased to go back to his homies, his bros.  He has missed their friendship and probably someone to talk to.

It has been good for Taktur, though.  I think of this time of year as an education that is essential for his development as a stallion.  He learns his manners and how to speak nicely to his wimmin.

Hetja is very tough with Taktur.  It is definitely her way or the highway (read swift kick in the bollox!)

No one messes with Hetja.

Isn’t she looking lovely?

Brá, on the other hoof, just does everything Hetja tells her to do.

So there is always a united front when it comes to this endless headache scenario.

Brá is also looking very good and I am pleased she has finally put her weight back on after the long winter with Dreki taking everything.

So next week, sometime, we will move the girls over to Sandness until winter.  They will be in a field away from the Minions and probably Lilja too.

Taktur will go back to join his friends and be introduced to Dreki, who he has never met.  That will be interesting – father and son together.

8 thoughts on “The Handsome Prince & His Laydee-Girls

  1. diane in northern wis

    When will you know, Frances, if any new bebbies have been created by these beautiful horses? Hope the headaches didn’t last all those weeks!!!

  2. Terri

    Thanks for the update on these Icelandics.They are all beauties. So glad that Brá has put weight back on — she’ll need it if she is “in a family way”. Yes, many males (of all species) need to learn a bit of manners and how to speak nicely to their wimmin. Some are “missing the chip”.


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