Me and My Old Man

The walking continues.  Endlessly I trudge up and down the road with or without a companion.

The other day, Flossie kindly brough me Haakon and so off we went together.

I have been riding Haakon for over 20 years but now we just walk together with occasional snack stops, which for some reason really irritate me.  Sometimes I make a huge fuss and Haakon looks suitably contrite (or sulks) and then I think what does it matter and let him drag me off to the side of the road and eat.  Haakon is old. We know each other very well and I know it is wrong to let him eat in-hand but Haakon knows it is wrong.  I think that if this small thing makes him happy, then who cares.  If this is the worst thing Haakon does, well, I still love him even with his bad manners.

After my walk, I popped Haakon back in the slimming field where Kappi and Klaengur live during the day.  They are prone to being fat so live here during the daylight hours.

When Kappi arrived from Norway a few years back, Haakon immediately hated him.  They would vie for the position of head of the herd, picking fights and shooting each other filthy looks.  It has taken a while but the boys have settled down now and are good friends.

Haakon still thinks he is the boss, though.

So back to the walking.  More walking.  It’s all I do these days.

5 thoughts on “Me and My Old Man

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Then you need boots that are made for same – “These Boots are Made for Walk’en”. A perfect song to sing whilst going out with Haakon.

  2. Sam

    Upside? You are still walking. Still able to grumble about Fat Boys.
    Downside? When one is in constant pain, one can get grumpy about small things.
    Upside? You let go of the irritation before it got big.
    Thanks for the lovely pictures of your Grumpy Old Man Horse.

  3. Louise Stopford

    I am glad that Haakon is the boss – He deserves to be respected by his herd. I must say he is looking absolutely gorgeous (or should I say handsome). He looks very well indeed and it is so nice that you can wander about together. Sod the bad habits, we all have them. Hope you get some relief for your back soon, you must be getting so frustrated.


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