You Ain’t Seen Me, Right?

Nowadays wherever we go, no matter when, we are always followed.

The horses love us going into their field so they can come up for a chat.

Hjalti, without fail, is always first up to say hello.  He is the living image of his Mum, Hetja.

And then the others turn up too and quickly see the lurking Monster Cat who is doing his very best to be invisible and just fit in.

I feel sorry for Monster Cat.  It is his one wish to have better camouflage.  His brilliant white colour makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

I am very tempted to buy Monster this outfit I found on t’net in the hope it would solve some of his problems.

However, I doubt the outfit would be useful because Monster does also announce his arrival very loudly so everyone knows he is around.  He is a very talkative cat.

Dreki is looking good – growing up fast, like his half-sister, Lilja.  I am very pleased with both of last year’s foals.

Now I am finding it difficult to go into the field as I seem to have also lost my balance with this ruddy left foot so probably from henceforth all photos will be taken from the sidelines.  I also doubt I can lug my big camera anywhere much. I am too scared I will trip and drop it so you will have to make do with the lesser photos like these – sorry.

4 thoughts on “You Ain’t Seen Me, Right?

  1. Linda

    I love seeing Monster out and about with you (all) – what a wonderful cat you found!

    P.S. Frances, I’ll repeat it again – please try a walking stick of some kind, for balance…


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