The Great White Hunter

A couple that hunts together, stays together ….. apparently.

Some photos from yesterday when I was lurking about with my big camera.

The Great White Hunter stalked his prey, yowling and whining on about how dirty he was going to get by going outside.

Oh, it is tough being quite so visible.

I tell him “Cat? What cat. I see no cat!” to cheer him up.  A marshmallow? Yes, I definitely see one of those!

Pepper was in a mean, if playful mood, though.

Don’t worry, Monster always gets his revenge. There will be a squeak and some Terrier umbrage.  Usually when she leasts expects it.  Revenge is a dish best served cold behind a curtain with some claws.

There’s white and then there is WHITE!

Ted, who has turned overnight into a greasy-whiskered Muppet was busily keeping his distance. Possibly a wise move.

He has an appointment with the dog groomer in early December, which cannot arrive too soon.

So there was much running and bouncing.  Monster was on good form.

Note the millimetre between tail and electric fence. That cat is not stupid.

Weird, yes, but definitely not stupid!

4 thoughts on “The Great White Hunter

  1. Sam

    Ah Monster, the Great White Ghost Hunter of Shetland! Always seen by others. Always annoyed by a Pepper. Always willing to annoy said Pepper. And yet, so beautifully photogenic.

  2. Tara

    It amazes me that white cats catch anything unless it’s snowing. I had one, she had blue eyes and was of course deaf. She was a mighty hunter. She also had no volume control. The best story about her volume was while I was splitting up with husband 1, I used to defrost in warm a prawn (she loved prawns) at 3am, found her and let her smell it. She would then walk around the hojse shrieking for a coup,e of hours. It didn’t affect me, I had insomnia but the nearly ex husband would be trying to calm her down. I always gave her the prawn after I had my fun.


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