All Home (again!)

I brought Klængur home this morning.  It was time he came back.

I would like to say the Old Men were very pleased to see him and, to be fair, they did sort of canter up to say hello, but I think Klængur just wants to eat grass and make up for lost time.  The field is pretty well eaten down, so he is not going to get very far on that score.  Certain fatties got there first!

My waters have been churning these past few days as a thunderstorm was forecast tomorrow night.  I don’t want the ponies to get burned again and as it also nearly Bonfire Night too (fireworks planned in the village), I decided to bring everyone home….. again!  I think the thunderstorm has disappeared on the forecast, but even so.

Vitamin and Fivla are in the bigger, less eaten field while Newt and Tiddles went into the next door already-eaten electric fenced off bit.

They were not impressed.  Tough.  I also let Silver back out as he was going nuts in the stable. He is very sound and definitely doesn’t have laminitis.  It only seemed fair.  He was starved as a foal, so to starve him again for no good health reason does not sit well with me. A good Shetland winter will hopefully sort out his waistline.

So, that’s the plan …..  for today.

I know, I know, I keep changing my mind. That’s where I am at the moment – just feeling very uneasy about things.


And these three stay in the stable. Now that is definite!

3 thoughts on “All Home (again!)

  1. Sam

    Trust your gut when it comes to the critters. You don’t have to a reason beyond “I am concerned”.
    And yes, all the Minions nearby during thunderstorms and fireworks are a good thing.


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