The Great Outdoors

This morning I made the decision to get the mare outside.  One of my many mantras in life is “fresh air is good for you”.

So OH kindly dashed over to the vets and was given some heparin to keep the intravenous line open and a bung to go on the end.

Once I had these items in my possession, I undid the drip and plugged the cannula.  The mare had been kicking at her belly again, so I also gave her a painkiller injection and left her for it to work.

Meanwhile, Daisy arrived, having ridden, mucked out and fed everybody at home.  We put a rug on the mare as it was raining and we set off to see The Great Outdoors.


Poor love has pitting oedema on her front legs and found it hard to walk.  There were a few trips while she found her  legs and off we went.  She was interested in her surroundings and I could almost hear her relief at seeing other ponies and smelling the fresh air.


We tried her on the grass by the roadside but it was evident she wanted green grass.  This is at a premium this time of year so, having phoned my wonderful neighbours, we took her up to a field they have that I hoped would solve all our problems.


And so we slowly plodded up the road and Daisy took the mare into their field.


The minute she saw green grass, it was head down and eat.


No, spitting anything out, just constant grazing.


Happy, happy, happy.  This is a big corner turned.


After about an hour of standing in the rain while the mare ate, I could see she was tired so we plodded slowly home.

We left her for the afternoon, while I had a sleep and at teatime I flushed her cannula and re-attached the drip.

We are now down to 3,000 calorie feeds and setting them to meal times which results in sleep all round.

Is that light I see at the end of the tunnel?  A very small pin-prick, perhaps?

15 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. Louise

    Fingers crossed Frances. I’m definitely in agreement – fresh air and being a pony again – both great healers x

  2. Terri

    Yes, very important to keep her interested in LIFE! (grazing on green grass, seeing other ponies, breathing fresh air) Wonderful news that she is improving a little! (and that you are getting some sleep)

  3. Rebecca Final

    How glorious to see her munching away at the grass. That’s such a good sign and I bet the fresh air and a walk did her wonders.

  4. darby

    Happy to see our little girl is feeling a bit better,how nice to see her enjoying the fresh grass and sunshine!
    What wonderful care you are giving her. will continue to hope for continued recovery.

  5. Linda K

    I’m sure the fresh air worked wonders. Maybe the company of other ponies will lift her spirts as well.

  6. Cathy

    So relieved to see she is still with you and wonderful to see her responding to the other ponies and the grass. I hope this continues, you have fought so hard for her.

  7. Sam

    Good to see this little lady outside munching some yummy grass. Keeping fingers crossed that she continues on this path to recovery. Good work!

  8. Deb Twomey

    I am wondering is she is strong enough to be moved to your house to cut down on your away from home time…or is the owner wanting her to stay there?


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