A Down Day

Not our best day today.  The mare was very down this morning.  She had a raised temperature and was not eating.

Luckily the vet happened to be passing and dropped in to see our progress. I told him what I had found and we decided to give her more painkiller and antibiotic injections.

We left her while we had lunch – I wanted the painkiller to take effect before we went up to the green grass.

She was keen to go and we took a friend to keep her company.


I put the mare on a long lunge line so that she could have space from me and could roll if she wanted to.


It was a windy afternoon with occasional showers and I think she enjoyed the feel of the wind in her fur.


She wasn’t as enthusiastic about eating as she had been yesterday but still she managed to eat for an hour before she looked tired.



When we put her back into a clean stall, she had a bit to eat and then we left her to rest.  I will attach her to the drip later as she is still not drinking enough.  The hi-cal goop goes down her 6 times a day and she enjoys the strawberry flavour the most.


I have been missing my Minions and I think they are feeling a little neglected of hugging.


So we popped in and were instantly mugged.


I can only help this mare because all my horses and ponies are so good to work with.  They are in an easy feeding and mucking out routine and no one seems to be suffering from my neglect (though I miss my kisses).


4 thoughts on “A Down Day

  1. Terri

    **sigh** What a roller coaster ride….I feel so sorry for her. But she’s still alive! Thank you for caring so much and doing all you can to help her.

  2. Cathy

    Lovely for her to feel the sun and the breeze on her back, and a friend for company. She is lucky to have you to care for her.

  3. Peter

    All over the world there are people pulling for her and for you. I am going to take it as a good sign that she wants the green grass.
    All the best! Peter


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