The good and the bad news

The Good New First…..

Little Miss has a name.  It has been decided.  She is Thordale Zoot.  The girls decided this.


Zoot is a determined little person too (Anna took these photos as I was busy ranting to Jo indoors).


Today, Anna introduced Zoot to Daisy.  Obviously Zoot knew Anna already so they had the first chat.

DSC_1313 DSC_1312 DSC_1311

And then she found a new victim, sorry friend, in Daisy and it was Lyra all over again.

“Please can she lives in my bedroom?”

DSC_1316 DSC_1318 DSC_1315

So that was the good part of the day.  Foal snogging on a perfect Shetland spring day and the grass is even beginning to think about growing.

And then there is the Bad News….

Jack is not well.  I have been sucking my teeth all weekend and Bank Holiday (I HATE BANK HOLIDAYS).  He is not right, nothing I can put my finger on but, well, you know.  Yesterday, he did the unthinkable – he did not want his supper.  If you knew Jack, you would know he would have to be dead not to eat his supper.  Food plays a very important roll in his little life.

Jack is of unknown age, parentage or anything.  He came to us in 2007 aged between 9 onwards as a mature gentleman looking for a fire to lie in front of and a place to rest his weary head – that is the actual advert.  I found him on DogPages (****WARNING WARNING, NEVER LOOK AT DOGPAGES ****) which is a wonderful website where you can have your heart wrung and end up giving a home to unwanted dogs.

His name was Walter – this is the very advert photo.


He arrived in Shetland, effing and blinding with a terrible case of Tourettes.  We soon smartened him up, showed him the error of his wandering ways and he enjoyed our lifestyle but mostly I think being one of the family.  He had been found wandering the streets of Hereford before being rescued.

14May-006936 11May-005923

So, today, with weary and an already rather broken heart, my OH and I went to the vet with Jack.  They took bloods after much effing from both vet and Jack and also an x-ray.


The conclusion was an enlarged heart with excessive fluid as well as on the lungs too.  The bloods showed he had a high white cell count but upon examination, there was no temperature.  While we waited, OH took him for little walks to calm and cool him down.  He was getting rather distressed (as was I).


I gave up taking a few drops of Rescue Remedy to calm myself and ended up having a big swig before we went in to hear the results.


So off we go again, down the route of palliative care for another much-love member of our family.

Tis pants sometimes.

4 thoughts on “The good and the bad news

  1. Karen

    Hugs…so sorry. Animals just weave a kind of magic in the heart and it’s so hard that their lives are not as long as ours. Jack has clearly had a special time with you and will have much love yet I can see.

  2. Sam

    First the good news – you took Jack in and made him a vital part of your family. The bad news just sucks any way you look at it. That is what happens when these critters get into your heart, they break it. They don’t mean to. So adding Jack and you to our prayers here in USA.


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