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Taktur, my 4 year old Icelandic stallion, is going very well. He is about to have all his shoes taken off and have the next four months out in the field with no work.  One more lesson on Wednesday and that is it for him.

BN2A7233 BN2A7322  BN2A7399  BN2A7368

He deserves it.  He is an incredible stallion.


Daisy came home yesterday too.  Taktur was meant to start his holiday today but Bjørn, his trainer, wanted Daisy to have a shot on him first and said she can have another go on Wednesday.  She is very happy as she hasn’t ridden Taktur for ages.

BN2A7797 BN2A7664 BN2A7658

He was a dreamboat for her.  An absolute star.


So, then we stood Taktur up for his conformation shots.

BN2A7848 BN2A7875

and the camera panned over to where Haakon was standing with BeAnne.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I give up.


Daisy then rode Klængur while Anna rode Haakon. Bjørn gave them both an excellent lesson.  Anna was getting used to Haakon (her second ride on him) and trying to find his elusive and rather flat tölt.   She did very well and I think they liked each other, which is always a start.

BN2A8139 BN2A8033BN2A8029



Daisy has probably ridden Klængur only a few times too. This was her first lesson on him with Bjørn teaching.  It all seemed to go very well and everyone had a big cheesey grin by the end of the afternoon.

BN2A8006 BN2A8123 BN2A8128  BN2A7942

BeAnne watched and learned carefully.  Her turn next!




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