The Girls look Good

We haven’t been to see the ladies for a while so we paid them a visit today.


First up was Lyra-Lyra-Pants-on-Fyra.  She loves her Daisy still and probably will forever.  She is a very smart little filly and the more I see of her, the more I think we must keep her.  I wish Daisy was into showing but she isn’t.  When I asked her what she planned to do with Lyra (obviously she has to belong to her), Daisy said  “I wish there was a show class where you could just put them in their pen and then she was judged”.  My reply was “that is called The Pet Class”.

BN2A7684 BN2A7696 BN2A7689BN2A7804

Carina is looking good too.  Daisy plucked off the last of her winter fur which is now shifting.  It is only the end of July so she has taken her time to realise it is summer now.  She has the most gorgeous head and a good mane.  I like her shape and she is such a sweetie too.

BN2A7709 BN2A7757

Gwendolinda is looking, err, substantial.  She has made friends with “Dingo” and they follow each other about.  She is definitely a family pony who just wants to be endlessly hugged.

BN2A7735 BN2A7742

Zoot is still a darling.  She thinks she should be first for everything and doesn’t care about her lack of size or experience.  Zoot is always there.  She is very like Bozz-Bozz (her full brother) in character.


So that’s Les Girls.  We adore them all.  Oh yes, Daisy lightly backed Lyra, Zoot and Carina too.  No one cared and it is all good practice.

BN2A7811 BN2A7817 BN2A7820

I love these photos of Carina telling Daisy where to scratch – left a bit, right a bit….

BN2A7752 BN2A7755

I did try to leave Daisy in the field with them.  She seemed to fit in so well and was making noises about them all living in her bedroom….. The L’Oreal Girls – because they are worth it (apparently).


4 thoughts on “The Girls look Good

  1. Cate

    Can’t thank you enough for this daily Shetland fix, Frances.

    Love all the hair in that last photo . 😀


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