Sunshine and Rain

Yesterday was incredible.  One of those beautiful Shetland days with huge skies that take your breath away.  This is Foula, which I see every day.  It is about 20 miles west of us.  It always looks different every day.


I accompanied Daisy and the Bimble on a walk as it was such a wonderful day. I dragged Haakon along too and BeAnne caught a rabbit. All was right with the world.


Today was less brilliant.  It rained and it was a day of trying to mend OH’s laptop that finally expired and breathed it’s last with a new screen none of us had ever seen – half grey, half black.  Loki was trying to be supportive during the grieving process (luckily, I had managed to drag all the data off before it died).


So while OH was cursing at his laptop, I pottered around the garden to try and take photos of  raindrops on the roses and whiskers on kittens (ok, I am not doing that last bit and we don’t have any roses).

I will admit, and only Jo knows this, but for many years, I used to go happily about in blissful ignorance singing “raindrops on roses and fish coloured kittens”.  Don’t judge me.

BN2A7564BN2A7527  BN2A7541  BN2A7562  BN2A7575 BN2A7592   BN2A7642 BN2A7644 BN2A7648

I was quite pleased with the above.  It is not easy, I can tell you.  However, the tripod did help, though with three extra legs, I am guaranteed to trip plus much cursing and swearing whilst trying not to tread in dog shit too!  I had helpers.

L1090339 L1090350

Meanwhile, while my nose was to the grindstone, around me was this weird mist or sea haar that was insidiously creeping in from the sea over the hills.

L1090311 L1090310

And then we were back into a thick fog again for the afternoon.  Ho hum!  I am quite pleased with my droplets.  I shall practice more, I think.  I want to do more experimenting.

I don’t want to discuss the midges.


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