Horses Give Us The Wings We Lack

Today is the first of August.  My spinal surgeon said I could ride in August so I am taking that as the first of August.  To be honest, I was scared.  All today I was putting it off. I kept finding a reason not to.  But all that has gone before and all that will go on after made me do this.  I needed to do it, even if you understand or not.


Haakon is my friend.  We have known each other for over 15 years.  I have watched him this Spring and Summer look at me while others have ridden him. It has been very difficult.  Now it was my turn.


I did what I always do – I was on my own.  OH knew what I planned but he sensibly stayed well away, ready to pick up the pieces if necessary and package them back to the NHS.  I had all my stuff – my back protector, my hat, etc ready to go.


And so we did.  Ok, not pretty, not much use but I did ride.  I make no excuses for how I look and if you cringe, just remember I have had immense spinal surgery for the 3rd time and my left ankle is in a splint.

I realise my riding career is going to be brief.  I am back for more surgery in September but I enjoyed it, so who cares.


We tried out an Inter-Dressage test (internet dressage test) in walk which was hard work as Haakon spooked at the bit of paper I was holding when we tried it first in-hand.  Silly old fart.  Meanwhile, BeAnne positioned herself at A so we knew where it was.


Today was wonderful, an eye-opener and I fully intend to continue riding until I cannot again.  I know some of you are sucking your teeth but I have had so much taken away from me these past few months, and I have played ball, so I need this one thing back for a little while.  I need to fly.


13 thoughts on “Horses Give Us The Wings We Lack

  1. Linda Penney

    Awesome news Frances my god watch over you both while you both regain your togetherness again
    if only I could get on one I settle for driving but would love to ride as my husband enjoys riding but dose not ride as it upsets me have a lovely weekend

  2. Nick

    If anyone has earned this opportunity, you have. Great to read that you’re back in the saddle, however briefly!

  3. Karen

    Well done Frances, I can’t begin to imagine what a relief it is to be back in the saddle. Heartfelt hugs and hopes that things will go from strength to strength for you and by the way, I love your posts they help me to cope with my own heartache that I cannot come to live in Shetland for a while yet. Seeing Shetland through your blog helps me to be patient and wait the necessary couple more years…

  4. Cate

    Wonderful to see you riding at last. Hope this is the first of many more videos to come of you and Haakon. 🙂

  5. Laura Curran

    So happy for you!! I know (in a much smaller way) just how you feel….Skjor is my Pegasus and riding him lets me forget how much I cannot do. Keep on ridin’ girl!!!!

  6. Barry Laker

    Very brave lady and can fully undertsand you doing this! Hope you enjoy the moment and hope you get to ride again after your next surgery.

  7. Evelyn

    A lovely film and lovely that you and Hakon were both so happy. Impressive air jacket too. Why apologise? I enjoyed watching it.


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