The Dog’s Gone!

Daisy ran into the kitchen this morning yelling “The dog’s gone!” and then raced out again.  I dropped what I was doing – having a well-earned rest with a cup of coffee while texting a friend many miles away – and dashed out after her.

Into the big field.

And there she was. Her Maj “roomba-ing” (a little robot vacuum) the field.

Thank the Gods for the wee hi-viz tankini is all we thought as we went after her.

Someone had been busy, though she was quite pleased to see us!

And she was duly escorted home.

Halfway, we stopped off to say hi to ‘Bert and BeAnne was off again, “listening to her own voices”, as my old neighbour used to say.

At that stage, knowing full well just how nippy BeAnne can be when she wants, she was picked up and carried home.

As BeAnne is a bit of a heft (10kg+ – it’s the steroids), Daisy lifted her over the fence, and gave her the benefit of the doubt that she would now go back.

Monster was very disapproving of everything.

And BeAnne snuck off once more.  This time there was no benefit of the doubt.  That ship had sailed.

Someone is now exhausted.

But I’m glad she’s still got it!

Tis the time of year.  Them baby bunny rabbitses talk to her.

4 thoughts on “The Dog’s Gone!

  1. Sam

    Nothing scarier than an missing critter. even on in the Hi-viz vest. Clearly BeAnne is on a mission to hunt rabbits – good luck with keeping her in sight.

  2. Linda Loba

    BeAnn is really a force to be reckoned with, isn’t she? “Tankini” is a brilliant idea…
    (And after dark, we check with a flashlight before letting our dog out, same thing with bunnies.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I can just imagine that initial sick feeling of panic. The hi-vis is such a good idea. I hope she (and you) manage a good night’s sleep!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Ah yes the joys of Spring! Those baby bunnies had better quit talking to BeAnne if they don’t want a very short life! Thank goodness you kept finding her and bringing her back! At least it looks like your snow has melted once again. Hope it’s gone for good!


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