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I received an email from an old friend late yesterday….

“Fiv and Vitamin were on ‘telly in their sweaters this evening (BBC Scot channel 9 21.00 hrs “Greetings from Scotland” about 20 mins into programme),  I felt very proud to know such mild-mannered international film stars.

Hope all’s well and grass is growing at Thordale,

love to all”

This friend has known Fivla since I bought her from her breeder 25 years ago!  Fivla was a little black filly in those days.  Hard to believe, I know.

I call this photo “Floss is going to kill me!” but you must agree dearest Fivla was the sweetest little pony in the world.

So I hunted down the programme – it was interesting to watch – and found “our” bit.

BBC Scotland – Greetings from Scotland (the whole episode)

Here they are today.  Fivla is in the middle of the field, between Newt and Tiddles.

While Vitamin was striking a pose (nice beard).

It’s always nice to know they are still remembered and yes, the grass is just beginning to grow now.



2 thoughts on “On the Telly

  1. diane in northern wis

    That’s great …..your beautiful starring Fivla and Vitamin made it on the TV again! Awesome!


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