Nothing Wasted

Yesterday, at Transition Turriefield, where Daisy and I were working, we were given two crates of carrots that were deemed unsellable.  Happy days.  Never say no as someone will eat it.

Today’s someone(s) were firstly everyone in the Minion field.  After the buckets, which most don’t get, I left them all munching away on lots of carrots.  At this stage, the carrots go off quickly so it is better to get them eaten quickly.

After that, I went home and started my Project of the Day – to rid my car of every damn piece of hay.  It took 5 hours hard graft with Henry Hoover and all his different attachments/brushes.

And Maggie kept me company (the others had gone down the hill and she wouldn’t follow).  She loves people and likes to watch whatever they are doing.  She is always about.

I emptied the car, putting my two crates of carrots out as well as everything else.

Yesterday afternoon, when we came home, I did offer carrots to the sheep but Maggie stayed well away.

So it was nice to see her take an interest in something other than biscuits and hard feed.

She was really enjoying herself.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

The interior of my car is now spotless. No hay will ever go in my car again – or I am thinking of buying a boot liner to keep it clean.  I have even banned muddy wellie boots. Today I have standards.


10 thoughts on “Nothing Wasted

  1. Sam

    Would a large tarp to wrap up said hay work to keep the car clean? The wellies will be ignored, we all know that. Love to see Maggie chomping on carrots.

    1. Frances Post author

      A friend said they use a duvet cover. I can see the point in that and it sounds like a great idea.

  2. M in NC

    I used to use a vinyl tarp from the home-supply-store in my old jeep … along with a cardboard bed-liner (haha) from the Dad’s large flatscreen TV.

    A little bit of stuff would escape, but both were easy to pull out shake and off we go.
    Cardboard on the bottom to smooth out all the bumps .
    I kept the back seats laid down so I had a 48-inch bed behind the driver’s seat.
    Used the tarp when I knew I had wet/messy stuff to transport.

    It looks like Maggie is adjusting nicely and knows where the carrots come from 🙂

    M in NC

  3. Kate Woolley

    Duvet covers are brilliant….. Do you think Maggie could have been a pet lamb as she loves people so much. She is so sweet. PS. Is Elvis still around ?

    1. Frances Post author

      No, asadly Elvis died a few years’s back, and Wiggins. A Sade few days. Natural causes. Very old.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Wow …how great that they gave you all those carrots! Glad you got your car cleaned up….what a job. You do good work!

  5. Jayne

    I saw your video of Maggie on I/Gram last night but for some reason did not get the sound. Really made me smile just now to hear her crunching through those carrots as fast as she could.

    It is quite lovely to see her gain in confidence and become part of the “home crew”. Well done you, xx

  6. Jayne

    re: keeping the car clean. Tarps and old duvet covers work well helped by a couple of spring clamps or bungee cords to hold things open so you can get the hay in (temporarily fix to the tailgate whilst you are loading).


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