The Clearing Bug

I am still in a clearing mood.  The bug has not left me and I just see clutter everywhere.  Unnecessary clutter. It has to go.

So today, after feeding the old ladies, I lured everyone with a bag of carrots down to their other field so get them out of the way.

And then the three of us – me, my OH and a kind friend – got going.  The two last roofs in the attached sheds had fallen in and needed to be dismantled and burned, plus I wanted to clear any other wood, if possible.

A small bonfire was started – it took a few goes to light.

Meanwhile, we were being watched by Tiddles, Storm and possibly Newt.  Of course they wanted to help but Minions and fire is never going to work.  Far too much “helping”.  Nope.

Once the bonfire lit, we kept piling the wood on.

We took off as much of the tar roof as we could before burning the plain wood. We bagged the separate felt roof bits.

Both sheds looked much better for the clearing out.

We still have work to do.  Bits of felt roof to pick up and take to the dump.

We found plenty of old fish feed sacks that hadn’t rotted away in the ground so they will be  filled.  Plenty of broken glass too.

It felt good to have a bonfire. It burned down very quickly as there was a nice breeze to help.

I have plans for my two newly cleared sheds.  They can offer shelter to the Minions as well as being a good place to put hay down. It won’t blow away and there’s plenty of space for everyone.

A job well done!  This afternoon I cleared out most of my clothes!

2 thoughts on “The Clearing Bug

  1. Joe Boyd

    If those walls could talk, what would they tell us? I’d be interested to know some history of your sheds. Your life in Shetland is so fascinating to me!


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