Weird White Cat

Monster is one weird cat.  Saturday afternoon is always set aside for flute duets with my friend, Mandy (or trios, if Daisy is around).

Usually Lambie and his friends make up our audience but, as Spring is slowly creeping towards us, he and his friends have decamped to the field to eat the new grass.  So today Monster came a-calling.

I put a lovely wool blanket on the chair and Mandy made a fuss of him.  She likes a cat (she has three of her own) so that was a good start.

And then we started to play, well Mandy did. I was laughing too much.

And then so was Mandy.

I can vouch that it is not easy to play the flute either well or at all with a large white cat looming.

And pawing.

And this is possibly the best photo.  I sent it to Daisy who said Monster looked like a creepy gargoyle.

Every performance needs an audience and we will play to whoever we have.

….. if we can stop laughing, that is.



7 thoughts on “Weird White Cat

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well I love these pics of your monster enjoying the flute music sooooo much. He looks adorable. I’m glad your friend likes him and give him a couple of good pets. I showed the pics to my husband and he said ….oh what a nice cat! The flute music sounded good too!


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