Minion Photies

A lovely sunny day and everyone was looking very happy and healthy.

I had brought my big camera, which has not been out much recently, and happily snapped away.

Tiddles looking gawjus, I tell you.  Upon reflection, he doesn’t really look like the Tiddles I know.

I love this one of Storm. He is almost normal.  Almost.

Dearest Vitamin definitely getting her mojo back now. Her neck is much less scrawny and flop.

Silver, who often gets mistaken for Fivla. Floss has to do a double check when Fivvie gets her bucket of nothing.

A pensive Fivla, probably trying to will some carrots out of me.  She’s doing well for her grand age.

Waffle is under all that hair. Honest.

Part yak, part pony and part exocet missile – Newt

The missile preparing to launch…..

Little Albie who follows me everywhere. He is officially A Tripping Hazard.

A wonderful morning with blue sky and it was nearly warm so good pony moods all round.

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