The Boyzens

I miss Puzzah but, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think the others do.

Now the weather has turned (rain and wind), the Boyzensberries all decided to come up to be around the house where there is more shelter.

There is also long grass around the house which really needs eating down.

My sheeple look very smart after their shearing.  We are all beginning to get accustomed to their new look.  It is always rather a shock.


Even Lambie is looking less pink mostly because he finds as much dirt as he can to lie in.  He will never be a clean white (and black) sheep.

(But he is stilll a Mummy’s Boy – always speshul and much hugged)

Guess who always wants their ration  of two Ginger Nut biccies?

I think sheep are very underrated as family.


5 thoughts on “The Boyzens

  1. Rebecca Final

    Your sheep look very handsome sheared, but I must say Ster is my favorite. He looks very much like my Barbados and has a very soft sweet look. Wish we had your rain right now. 103 degrees (F) here in Northern California today.

  2. Sam

    Biccies are necessary for Bozenberries to be happy. Their summer haircut reminds me of Spanish Water Dogs. They have curly hair that grows into cords so they look like sheep from a distance. Now the ones I know are all sporting cuts rather like these 3 family members of yours. Even down to the color.

  3. Michelle McMillen

    I can remember when it did not seem you had any use for sheepies; that was before Lambie. Kind of like other kinds of people; sometimes it just takes getting to know ONE well to break down prejudice! 😉

  4. diane in northern wis

    My dear mom used to always say…if she could pick any animal for a pet…she would pick a sheep! I think she would have especially liked your Lambie! So cute.


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