Wiped Out

The weather is horrid and I am feeling absolutely exhausted.

I just can’t seem to stop feeling so weary.  My Tens machine is on 24/7 and I have no energy.

Today, I pushed myself to go on my usual walk.

The garden looks like it has been blasted with a flame-thrower.  In the last storm, the wind burnt everything.

It is very sad to see.  OH is very disappointed.

Maybe, when the sun comes back I will have more energy and enthusiasm. I feel like I have been run over by a steamroller.

Sorry for the whinge.  This time last week, I was “running” up and down hills and being a “Dance Mom” of the riding variety.  Maybe that’s why.

7 thoughts on “Wiped Out

  1. Vicki

    A week of business travel exhausted me even though I thought I recovered after a couple of relaxing days when I got back. But there were other things to worry about, which takes a toll. So it’s taken a lot longer than 2 days to come back to normal after 5 days of conference. Hope your inner batteries re-charge soon too.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Assume your feeling tired is exactly how you explained the “why”. You do an awful lot for other people and as much as it’s appreciated and enjoyed (well, most of the time) by you, it can be wearing. Get some deserved “time off” and let the others carry on for a while.

  3. Sandra coffman

    Wish I could send you some of our Florida sun shine, but not the bugs.
    My tens unit and heating pad are also running 24/7.
    Hoping you feel better soon

  4. Judith Garbutt

    It’s hard to believe your weather – I’m complaining about the heat and the lack of rain! One of my friends bought me some vitamin B and some tumeric capsules to try to perk me up. I’ve been taking them for a week and I think I feel marginally better – could you try something like this or a good multi vitamin? There’s nothing worse than feeling exhausted all the time, and aching as well. You have all my sympathy.

  5. Dona

    I remember this weather so well last May (2017) when we vacationed in Lerwick. Now we are home -105F degrees today! Wish I was in the cool with you! Love your blogs and your horses and sheep. You should have a hot pot of tea and a frosted pastry, read a good book and plan to do something fun tomorrow.

  6. Linda

    How could you NOT feel tired after the horse show/trials/etc. All that travelling, worrying about the horses, gearing up for the competitions, give yourself a break, Frances.

  7. Terri

    Hope you’ll feel better soon. Last week was a very busy one for you and a long journey. Furthermore, you didn’t really have time to grieve for dear Puzzah, as he died right before you had to leave, so you had to pack that away in your mind for later. Be gentle with yourself — you’ll get your energy back. xx


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