All Quiet

Last night, on her way home a friend drove past the Minion field for me to check up on Lilja.  I was very disappointed to see that she was all on her own while the others huddled together ain the corner.  Not good. I was worried and started to think that tomorrow I would swap Lilja and Fivla into Waffle and Storm’s field, returning to the two bullies to the herd.

Photo by Karen Ashley

So, today before I went to work, I went to see how Lilja was getting on.

Much better.

I was very relieved to see she was considered to be now part of the herd.

They all seem very happy and settled.  No more arguments.

Waffle and Storm are in their Naughty Corner are having a merry old time running up and down trying to kill each other, which is fine as they are both fairly well matched and hopefully it will keep them warm.  I am still not talking to them but I don’t think they care!

The weather is revolting today – a northerly wind, 7 degrees Celsius with sporadic fierce rain.

Lilja was happy, though, and that is all that matters.  As I drove past, she even recognised the van and thought she would come up and say hello.

3 thoughts on “All Quiet

  1. Sam

    Nice to see Lilja come up to the van to see what’s up. Sorry the two brats seem to be having a grand time of it in Time Out. It can be hard to predict how a herd will interact with each other.

  2. Nancy

    7degrees C??? Brrrrrrrrr!
    We are supposed to be at 29C today!

    Glad to hear that Lilja is finally accepted!


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