Terrier Toys

Ted arrived with a large sack of toys. I brought them all with us thinking it would be good for him to have familiar things around him in an unknown environment.  One of the “toys” was this treat hiding puzzle.

So I put little cat treats (beloved by every dog I know) in and set it up – Ted walked off instantly bored.

But Pepper was intrigued.

“What is this, Mum?”

“Maybe if I just sit and look at it, all will become clear”.

“I can smell the nummies and I will get them out”.

Ted wandered in, again refusing to have a go (probably because he knew I would give him his fair share of treats without asking for the effort!)

Pepper was in her element.

And so was Ted!

They’re all doing ok. The odd hiccough – like Ted nipping down last night to steal Monster’s early morning breakfast (in a bowl with a timer on its lid).  Monster was furious and told us all about it every ten minutes from 4 am onwards!  I know it wasn’t Pepper because she spent the whole night beside me, softly snoring and I did hear the soft pad of a small dog on the stairs going off to steal.

But we can move the cat’s bowl and work around these tiresome tribulations.

12 thoughts on “Terrier Toys

  1. Louise Whyte

    So pleased for Ted, despite thieving. He looks very settled and content, such a relief for him. Pepper will really benefit from him being there so long as he doesn’t lead her astray….

  2. Sam

    Love how Ted is figuring out the lay of the land and who has the best yummies.
    I found driving was when I miss my mom, step-dad and grandmas the most. Never knew what would trigger the tears, so I always have a box of tissues in the car. You are not crying at stupid things – existing is hard.

  3. Linda

    Pepper looks so cute trying to figure out how to get the goodies.

    P.S. Be gentle with yourself. It’s going to take time. Cry as needed.

  4. Judith Garbutt

    It’s so difficult coming to terms with such a loss. My mum used to ring me every Sunday evening and it took me such a long time to accept that there wasn’t going to be that phone call. Lovely to see Ted, Pepper and Monster sharing the sofa (and OH’s lap!)

  5. Kate woolley

    Dear Francis, we all need to cry. It’s a way of healing. Bless you, we have all been there at sometime or other. Your Mum would have been so amused at Ted being naughty stealing the cat food.
    I am impressed that Monster has taken everything in his stride ( obviously not about his breakfast ).
    Pepper is so sweet trying to get the puzzle to work and Ted looks so relaxed. Well done……

  6. Nancy

    Seeing Monster in the pic with the extra roll — judicial in origin, I’m sure! What a trio! Great work — managing this transition is hard for everyone. Pls give yourself the time (and time…and time).

  7. diane in northern wis

    Looks like things are going along just fine at your house. Until somebody steals Monster’s breakfast! Love all the pictures! So glad you’re back home again.

    1. Frances Post author

      Ted is a Schnorkie (Schnauzer x Yorkshire terrier) and Pepper is a rough-coated Patterdale terrier. Yup, characters!


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