Mud Monsters

There was something odd going on when Floss and I went over to see the Minions.

Ok, Newt was fairly normal for Newt.

He just wanted to be first in the queue for the carrots. That’s normal for him.

Everyone else had very muddy noses and we didn’t know why.


And then we turned around and saw….. a mud “pond” had suddenly appeared.

There is no need for anyone to stand in mud, let alone eat it! Plenty of unmuddy food around.

Waffle walked out of his quagmire for his carrot from Floss and then walked straight back in.

He started pawing the waterlogged ground and we could see that the ponies had been digging out some water-plant’s roots which they obviously loved.  We left them to their happy muddy ways.

Meanwhile, at home, these two have played and played until they collapsed in an exhausted heap together.

4 thoughts on “Mud Monsters

  1. Sam

    Who knew the Minions were Mud People? At least they are not rolling in it. As for the dog pile – clearly not an issue for Teddy to have a new abode. Grateful he and Pepper seem to enjoy each other. Where does Monster stand on the 2nd dog issue?

  2. diane in northern wis

    Those ponies with the muddy noses are sure cute. Must be some delish waterlogged plants they’re after. and oh what a couple of cuties asleep on the couch. I wonder if Monster is liking that Pepper is so enamored of Ted?


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