Tatty is Beautiful

I was asked to go to see and photograph some of last year’s fillies from Bergli Stud.


They were enchanting, grubby, tatty, wild but beautiful.


Everyone was in a mad gallopy spring (I just can’t say it is summer yet) mood.


They happily hassled and barged each other.

BN2A3327 BN2A3423

At one stage one filly walked into a small pond in the field to stand up to her belly water.  We looked on in astonishment.


And then she jumped out and off they galloped again.


Anywho, I am feeling a bit grot today so I won’t rattle on but please enjoy the photos of these lovely little girls.

BN2A3455 BN2A3471 BN2A3486  BN2A3840  BN2A3872 BN2A3892 BN2A3923   BN2A3619

As usual, I fell in love and met a very special girl – Dimma.  She had the most hypnotic eyes and perfectly sculpted face.


Suddenly we looked at the time and it was way past what either of us had thought and so we had to leave.


8 thoughts on “Tatty is Beautiful

  1. Vicki

    I strive for that tousled beach hair look less successfully and with more product. But seriously, they are beautiful.

  2. jen breese

    Oh they are so lovely. I wish I could have them shipped to California! They are so much prettier than what we call Shetland ponies in the US. At least, that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  3. Linda K

    Galloping about, free as the wind. Wonderful. I bet they’ll be glad when all their Winter coats are gone.

  4. Terri

    You have indeed splendidly captured Shetland ponies in their natural environment! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  5. Linda

    You’re so right about Dima – what a beauty! The girls look like they’re having so much fun – I’m jealous…
    And in that first picture, the pony looks like she has a wool shawl on, with long fringes.
    Oh, also love that portrait of the “grey ladies”

  6. Tom

    Does that tattiness present intense grooming challenges for you and yours? Or do you let nature take its course and everything works out?


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