Sheepie Boys (update)

The Sheepie boys (Lambert and Lambie) are doing very well.  They remain the best of friends and the same size.

Lambert’s wool is very tight curls while Lambie looks rather unravelled.  I don’t know why.  They are also both growing horns.  We are trying to wean them which is not easy.  The lunchtime feed has been dropped and the boys complain very loudly about this.


The lads have been moved into a small garden shed attached to the house so they can come and go as they please.  There is an old vegetable garden attached which they have the run of.  We let them out to go anywhere they like during the day.  Mostly they try to come into the house or Lambert takes Lambie on adventures!


Lambert is an excellent friend for Lambie.  He has taught him to eat grass and they are still very tame and loving.


I love my boys.  Lambert uses the Land Rover to scratch his back and is the comedian.  He plays with BeAnne and she is very happy chasing him around while he butts her in return.  Hours of entertainment, though there is always an eye kept on BeAnne.


Lambie is a bit of a wet and a weed and still wants his cuddles from his Mum.  He would really like to be carried about everywhere.


They are both a wonderful addition to my little crofting life and even though they do not behave as real sheep, they are very loved (if you sit down outside and read a book, they always sit beside you).


Tomorrow, I will tell you about these lovely ladies.  Scruffy, wonderful and beautiful.  I have not give up on Shetland ponies – there is always a place in my heart.


(I just thought you would like an update on Lambie and Lambert!)

5 thoughts on “Sheepie Boys (update)

  1. Linda

    Always happy for an update – of anyone and everyone!
    I wonder if Lambie still feels a bit fragile (even though he isn’t) after his “early life” experiences. I bet time and Lambert will fix that!

  2. jen breese

    Wow, the lambs have grown a ton since they were last pictured! They look like they are a lot of fun to have around the farm. I love the picture of the ponies running in. Are they yours? Just stunning!

  3. Linda K

    The woolly boys have certainly grown. Nice to have an update. Speaking of which, I haven’t heard anything about Fivla, Charlie or Andy for a while. I hope they are well.

  4. Terri

    Nice to hear how they are doing. So glad they are together and have become friends. Does Lambie want to be carried perchance because his joints are still a wee bit tender? (in addition to being a mama’s boy) The lovely Shetland ladies look wild and woolly — do tell us more, please! (uh oh, do I sense upcoming new additions to the Thordale clan?)

  5. Sam

    Thanks for the LambDog update. Do you know what breed of sheep they are? Can’t wait to hear about the wild and wooly ladies.


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