Missing the Minions?

Anyone missing the Minions?

These past few weeks, they have mostly been left to their own devices, so we called them down and put them two at a time in the school to be brushed.


The first two “volunteers” were Tiddles and Storm.  Tiddles is still determinedly keeping his winter foal coat on.  It refuses to budge so we attacked him with BeAnne’s coat stripping comb and a brush that was bought to refluff sheepskin rugs!


Everyone was looking very good, fit, the right weight and happy.


It is a relief especially after this grotty winter, which took its toll on both Storm and Tiddles.


Anyway, the Minions enjoy their pampering session.  They are such sweeties and, as always, very easy to work with.


I am just waiting for a phone call from the vet à propos Tiddles’ castration. It needs to be done, the weather is nice and they are coming off!

Sorry Tiddles. It is for your own good.  Everyone else will thank me especially Storm who is fed up of being jumped on!

(Storm has a sunburned nosey so I put Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on it – only the best for my special soldier.  He may still be a bit of a Mummy’s boy).


5 thoughts on “Missing the Minions?

  1. Nicki

    Sudacream for sunburnt noses acts a fantastic cooler and sunblock we use it on pink noses all “summer” . Lovely to catch up with the minions


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