Taking Precautions

The family (hooman) are being very careful here at Thordale.  I feel bad because I have just cancelled all our plans to go anywhere (a much looked-forward to book launch tomorrow and a friend’s birthday later). Mum’s funeral is at the end of next week and I am flying south to attend.  Although we are all vaccinated up to the hilt, I just can’t take any risks.  We won’t have visitors either and I am doing a lateral flow test daily.

That doesn’t mean we don’t go out.

We just don’t see anyone.

However, the family are not too concerned.

We have our own social life on the croft (view from the kitchen window this morning!)

And some rarely move anyway! That would take effort and we don’t do effort in this house.

My afternoons are now back on track making sheeple. I take Pepper and Ted with me to my shed, mostly to give everyone else a break for a few hours.

The dogs enjoyed my shed today. I was feeling benevolent (and possibly cold) so I put the heating on. Pepper quickly claimed her throne.

And Ted claimed his – the more comfortable bed!

So hopefully I will get south unless Nicola Sturgeon bans travel next week. I am trying not to panic. If I can fly, I will. If I can’t, Mum would be the first to understand.  And the weather is looking beyond shitty – gusting Force 10, seriously? Give me a break, please.

so I am praying that it won’t be as bad as it is threatening.


4 thoughts on “Taking Precautions

  1. Sam

    As hard as it is to have to cancel plans, needs must to give everyone a chance to not get Covid. Nasty weather does not help. But look how big Pepper is getting! And Mum would understand – you were there when she needed you. Hugs.

  2. Linda

    Our house and outdoors are the places I feel relaxed (and safe) too…
    And Sam (above comment) said it perfectly; Mum would understand – you were definitely there when she needed you.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    You’re doing the best you can, Frances. I hope the weather forecast does change and that the restrictions don’t change before your journey south. Fingers crossed.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Hope you can make it to your Mum’s funeral next week and that the weather will not mess things up mightily. Is Pepper’s face blue in that one picture? Or maybe it’s just the shadows. I thought maybe she got into some paint!!! 🙂 Will pray that all goes well for you!


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